Welcome Parents and Students!

Little Fins Swim School, LLC now offers lessons year round in Mishawaka, IN & seasonally in central FL. All children ages 6 months (and crawling) and older are welcome to join.  Lessons are based on a personalized and unique philosophy. At Little Fins your child will learn to become confident and skilled in the water in 4-5 weeks. Some programs teach children to "swim" only for as long as they can hold their breath. To hold your breath is great, but knowing how to get a breath is essential!
As a trainer of the INFANT AQUATICS program I have the teaching style and experience that enables me to determine the most effective way to teach your child to swim. The technique is based on the "Swim-Float-Swim Sequence" – a common- sense approach that is confidence building as well as a skill building experience. Part of the process is teaching the child to be self-reliant in an aquatic environment. To teach these skills the proper way, according to each child's ability and learning style, takes an instructor with plenty of knowledge, skill and proficiency, not to mention a love for children and the water!


I realize that this will be both a time and financial investment but you will see the pay off in just a few short days.  The earlier a child is exposed to water the more fun it can be the better for everyone!
Please visit the Programs & Sign Up page to get more information and register your child!
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